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Studio and home in Rancho Cucamonga, California


1968  Claremont Graduate University, Master of Fine Arts, Painting and Ceramics

1959  CGU Master of Art in Education

1954  Scripps College, Claremont, CA   BA, Fine Arts and Humanities

Selected One and Two Person Exhibitions

2010  “Artist of the Year” Award, Chaffey Community Art Association, show of digital creations

2005  Andrée M. Mahoney, Tom Fong:  "Two for the Show"  Chaffey Community Art Association

1992  “Andrée Mendenhall Mahoney, Paintings, Sculptures”,  Roloff Wood Gallery, Portland,  Oregon

1992  “Painting and Portrait Sculpture Exhibition”,  Museum of History and Art,  Ontario, CA

1991  "Exhibition of New Paintings, Still Life and Portraits”  Wignall Gallery, Alta Loma, CA  Catalog

1986  "Transformations/Invocations", Monrovia Arts Center, CA

1984  "Two Sculptors", Chrysalis Gallery, Claremont, CA

1983  "A Feminization of Structural Symbols"  Wignall Gallery, Alta Loma, CA   Catalog

Selected Group Exhibitions

2009 “Chaffey College Professors’ Show” Chaffey Community Art Association, Alta Loma, CA

2008 “Naked Truth: Figures as Form and Spirit”, dba256 gallery, Pomona, CA

2008 “Selected Ceramic Sculptures” Artists Trait Showroom, Claremont, CA

2007 “Landscape Invitational” Four Artists at the Square i Gallery, Claremont, CA

2007  “Members Juried Show” Chaffey Community Art Association,  First Prize, ceramics category

2006  "On the Edge of Change" four women artists, dA Center for the Arts, Pomona, CA

2006  Chico Art Center, Falkirk Cultural Center, Society of Layerists in Multi Media, Juried

2005  2003 Cone Box Ceramic Sculpture, Kansas, Juried

2003  “An Artist Collects” Local artists represented in Sam Maloof’s Collection

2003  Ontario Museum of History and Art, Bi-annual Juried Show

1998  “Personal Visions of Women Artists”, Chaffey Community Art Association

1995  “A Vase is a Vase is a Vase”, paintings and ceramics, Rachel Lozzi Gallery, Omni Hotel,

           LosAngeles, Installation of “View from the Tower”, landscapes in hotel lobby

1989   "Ceramic Ship Metaphor”, Wignall Annex Gallery, Ontario, CA

1987  “Claremont Artists Centennial”, Group Exhibition, CGU, CA

1985  “Showcase ’85 Contemporary Works by 23 California Women Artists”, ASI University Gallery,    

           California State Polytechnic University    

1984  “25th Anniversary Invitational” Downey Art Museum, CA

1983   Conejo Valley Art Museum, Thousand Oaks, CA, Juried

1983   North American Sculpture Exhibition,  Golden CO, Juried

1982   Westwood Clay National, Downey Art Museum, Juried

Museum Collections

1983 Downey Museum of Art, Downey, CA

1982 Sam Maloof Foundation, Alta Loma, CA

1978 Rex W. Wignall Museum Gallery, Alta Loma, CA

Selected Private Collections

Mme. Gilberte Capek, Paris, France

Professor Aldo Casanova, Claremont, CA

M/M George Cuttress, Pomona, CA

Ms. Michelle Dietl, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

M/M Paul Eaton, Montclair, CA

Ms. Corrine Gallman, Claremont, CA

M/M Sam Maloof, Alta Loma, CA

M/M Harrison MacIntosh, Claremont, CA

M/M James "Skip" Paul, Oceanside, CA

Dr. Inge Pelzer, Riverside, CA

Ms. Joan Ross Schreder, NYC

Professional Arts Employment

2010, Presenter for Scripps College Fine Art Foundation, “From Painting to Poetry”

2004, Tile workshop to benefit the dA Center for the Arts, Pomona, CA

2001, Portrait Sculpture Workshop, Montclair Recreation Dep't., CA

2000, Landscape "En Plein Air", Workshop, San Luis Obispo Cultural Center, CA

1973 to 1999, Full time Professor of Art in Two Dimensional Design, Ceramics and 

          Painting,    Chaffey College, Alta Loma, CA                                        

1988, Lecture, Slides, and Demonstration of "Slab-built Ceramics", American

          Ceramics Society, LA Branch, held at Citrus College, CA                          

1966-7, Field Supervisor for Secondary Art Education, CGU, Claremont, CA     

1959-1963,  Mural assistant to the Millard Sheets Studio, Claremont, CA

News Issues, Critical Reviews, and Catalogues

2006,  The Daily Bulletin, Inland Valley, "Art of Ages" by Diane Sholly,  June 8, ‘06

1991,  South Ontario News, "Ontario Museum…..Works by Andrée

           Mendenhall Mahoney on Display" by Cheryl Wittman

1991,  Jan 31, Daily Bulletin, "People Inspire Local Artist" by Lisa Van Proyen

1989,  Aug. 2, Los Angeles Times,  "Art Teacher Mahoney Initiates Satellite"

           by Inland Empire Scene

1985,  July 21, The Press Enterprise, The Arts "Feedback…." by Hazel Simon

1983,  Jan. 29, The Los Angeles Times, "Gallery Displays Ceramic Sculptures"

1982,  January 21, The Daily Report, "Local Artist "Expresses Her Hopes

           and Fears in Sculpture," by Nancy Wallace

1982,  Aug. 14, Art Week, "Trends in Clay", by Mac McCloud

1981,  “A Feminization of Structural Symbols”, by Andrée Mendenhall Mahoney,

            Wignall Gallery, Chaffey College, Alta Loma, CA



Imagery:  figurative, landscape, spiritual, and surreal metaphor

Media:  glazed ceramic sculpture

            acrylic paint on canvas and clay

            digital motif compositions from paintings and ceramics, poetry           

            functional bowls, cups, goblets, bottles, and jars

                    clay and glazes fired in oxidation at cones 5-6 (2250 degrees F., approx.) and   

                    cones 06-05 (1800 degrees F., approx.)

                    luster on mini-sculptures at lower fire temperatures

                    gas and electric kilns 

“A person getting enlightened is like the moon reflecting in the water.

The moon does not get wet, the water is not disturbed.

Though it is a great expanse of light, it reflects in a little bit of water;

the whole moon and the whole sky reflect even in the dew on the grass;

they reflect even in a single drop of water.

Enlightenment not disturbing the person is like the moon not piercing the water.

A person not obstructing enlightenment is like the dewdrop not obstructing the heavens.”

-Dogen, "Flowers Fall" (Tarcher/Putnam)





(Society of Layerists in Multimedia)http://www.jeromemahoneysculpture.comhttp://www.joellajeanmahoneygallery.comhttp://www.ccaamuseum.orghttp://www.slmm.org

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